Fairtrade Steering Group

Good for my baking and good for farmers too.

“Hi! I’m Sue and I have recently joined the Sidmouth Fairtrade Town team, having moved here from Nailsworth in Gloucestershire two years ago.
I first became familiar with Fairtrade from school gate chats with another mum who was the local Traidcraft Fair Trader. This was back in the mid 1980s. One thing led to another and I became involved with Nailsworth’s successful bid to become one of the first Fairtrade towns, back in 2002.
To me, choosing  Fairtrade certified products is one of the simplest yet most effective ways an individual or organisation can help to build a fairer world.
By the way, though I love the outdoor life, I am not nearly as sporty as I may appear in this photo! But if I do find myself kicking or throwing a ball around, I make sure it’s a Fairtrade one!”
Inspirational work by the Fairtade Group in the Fairtrade City of Wolverhampton- including a very active shop and café, churches and mosques – began my journey with Fairtrade. This continued in Sidmouth and our team were delighted when we became a Fairtrade Town in 2016.

“My translation business is powered by Co-op Fairtrade bananas and Traidcraft stem ginger cookies – they keep me going through the toughest linguistic challenges!”
Celia and Ron love Divine Fairtrade dark chocolate. Celia is wearing a fairtrade cotton  dress.
“I have been active and working in Fair Trade for more than 30 years, working with farmers and artisans all over the world; promoting Fair Trade basketry, Cafedirect coffee, Divine chocolate and Fairtrade cotton T-shirts in the UK.  I am very happy to have joined the Sidmouth Fairtrade Steering Group now I live here. Sidmouth is lively, down-to-earth and a great community where Fairtrade ideals really fit! “
Ginger biscuits are beautifully made
And great with coffee or tea.
They certainly provide a treat for me –
But do check that they are Fair Trade!
‘ My day would not be complete without a cup of freshly brewed Fairtrade Machu Picchu coffee’

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